Monday, 13 August 2012

Nativity in Black

Accused of promoting Satanism through mystical lyrics, Nativity in Black is one of the songs by Black Sabbath that has subtle references to the devil.  Though the word devil or Satan isn’t explicitly said, his alias Lucifer, the light bearer, used as he offers his hand to the woman he craves for. Interpreted as conflict between a woman’s intuition and devil’s love where he tries to win her heart assuring she could get things that she had never dreamt under one condition; her love for him has to be real. Apart from Ozzy and lyrical style, lead guitarist Tony Lommi and bassist Geezer Butler compete where bassist takes the crown in outro with insane bass solo that makes the song a magnum opus. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Stranger and Angel

Stranger and Angel

Libra, the scales, Gemini, the twins,
all she missed was a pair of wings
Genesis of love in the month of fools
saw his dove near by the grooves

Pointed chin and aquiline nose,
porcelain skin as white as snow
Resting over her ears, glittering glasses
to refrain from tears, shielding black roses

With spikes and goatee, appeared the devil
His sanguine heart intended no evil
With butterflies in stomach and a pounding heart,
he promenaded with hands in pocket and looked smart

Showed up alone, the Stranger
 He called her an angel
Is that why she hid her name?
May be, she thought that he was so lame

Blurred vision, as she walks away
With a broken heart, he says,
“Oh! My daisy! 
Lily of the valley!
Bid farewell to the halo, my divine!
Don’t fly again, just be mine”

~ Jason Jasso Jimmy