Monday, 23 July 2012

A Beautiful Mind SoundTrack

Film : A Beautiful Mind 
Composer : James Horner
Vocals : Charlotte Church

James Horner might have got inspirations from his earlier works dating back to the 90’s to compose the background score of ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Apart from Piano and cello, using vocal as an instrument like Celine Dion’s in Titanic, voice of Charlotte Church is perceived till the end of the album. Though, her stupendous soprano isn’t used efficiently in all tracks, it adorns ‘All Love can be’ that compromises to be the best. ‘Creating Governing dynamics’ is the only cheerful theme while all other tracks go with the poignant plot. Despite being branded as an influential background scorer, reuse of vintage works creates a dilemma amidst music fiends whether to listen or not.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kikujiro Soundtrack

Film : Kikujiro
Composer : Joe Hisaishi

Kikujiro is the fourth collaboration between Takishi Kitano and Joe Hisaishi. The instrumentals sound analogous yet amusing. Hisaishi’s most famous composition ‘summer’, longest of all is the duo of piano and violin that stays with us till the album ends. ‘The Rain’ conveys melancholy through slow paced cello and Piano in the beginning and culminates with blissful solo. All other tracks either resemble summer or the rain with minor electronic touch. The score is entirely western except 'Mad Summer' in which Japanese drums tap the ears. If you are in to mood music, slow melodies or melancholy go for it.

Rhythm Original SoundTrack

Film : Rhythm 
Composer : A.R.Rahman

Experience with background score of Rhythm is disappointing that all songs except ‘Meena’s Flashback’ are less than a minute duration. Still, the violin Keyboard duo in ‘Nathiye Instrumental’, the best of all steals the show. Most of the songs are influenced by western music except few in which lead was performed in Sitar. ‘Kid Awaiting Arjun’ and ‘Train accident’, the two orchestral themes, exactly opposite,the first being cheerful and latter sound melancholic. ‘Meena Introduction’ is purely Hindustani whereas ‘Slow kid theme’ with Accordion makes one reminisce over Ameile. The coherence with the visuals are astonishing; Indian classical to show Iyengar family, Hindustani as protagonists travel to Mumbai, Violin solo in nostalgic moments. Despite good arrangements, lacking duration may replace ringtones but will never reach ipods.

Scent of a Woman Soundtrack

Scent of a Woman(1993)

Composer: Thomas Newman

Arranged and conducted by Thomas Newman, Scent of a woman original score proves to be another masterpiece. The influences are more orchestral that paves way to traditional choir music especially in ‘Beyond Danger’. ‘A Tour of Pleasures’ and ’45 in 25’ are the most impressive tracks from the album; the latter with deep bass made it alluring. No wonder the ‘End Title’ is accompanied with army drums that honours Colonel Slade. Por Una Cabeza, an Argentinean song is the original version of Tango. ‘Other Plans’ is the most melodic song with slow piano that culminates with eerie beats. Though lack of Guitars sounds disappointing, piano and bass take us to another realm of music. And it’s another rare album that never fails to melt soul of the listener.

Into the Wild Soundtrack

Film : Into the Wild
Composer : Eddie Vedder

It's not just the sound of acoustic guitars, but the emotions of an aesthetic voyager and Eddie Vedder had done a wonderful job with gloomy lyrical theme. Each song has its own unique style of describing the different stages of Christopher's journey towards Alaska. ‘Society’ is the most depressive song flavoured with melodious acoustic solo, deserves a permanent place in ‘Best OST lists’. Nevertheless the influence is country, church organ and heavy vocal haunt in ‘The Wolf’. Fingerstyle play with amazing chord progressions is impressive and this is one of rarest masterpieces that show up as background score.