Sunday, 22 July 2012

Rhythm Original SoundTrack

Film : Rhythm 
Composer : A.R.Rahman

Experience with background score of Rhythm is disappointing that all songs except ‘Meena’s Flashback’ are less than a minute duration. Still, the violin Keyboard duo in ‘Nathiye Instrumental’, the best of all steals the show. Most of the songs are influenced by western music except few in which lead was performed in Sitar. ‘Kid Awaiting Arjun’ and ‘Train accident’, the two orchestral themes, exactly opposite,the first being cheerful and latter sound melancholic. ‘Meena Introduction’ is purely Hindustani whereas ‘Slow kid theme’ with Accordion makes one reminisce over Ameile. The coherence with the visuals are astonishing; Indian classical to show Iyengar family, Hindustani as protagonists travel to Mumbai, Violin solo in nostalgic moments. Despite good arrangements, lacking duration may replace ringtones but will never reach ipods.

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