Sunday, 22 July 2012

Scent of a Woman Soundtrack

Scent of a Woman(1993)

Composer: Thomas Newman

Arranged and conducted by Thomas Newman, Scent of a woman original score proves to be another masterpiece. The influences are more orchestral that paves way to traditional choir music especially in ‘Beyond Danger’. ‘A Tour of Pleasures’ and ’45 in 25’ are the most impressive tracks from the album; the latter with deep bass made it alluring. No wonder the ‘End Title’ is accompanied with army drums that honours Colonel Slade. Por Una Cabeza, an Argentinean song is the original version of Tango. ‘Other Plans’ is the most melodic song with slow piano that culminates with eerie beats. Though lack of Guitars sounds disappointing, piano and bass take us to another realm of music. And it’s another rare album that never fails to melt soul of the listener.

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