Monday, 23 July 2012

A Beautiful Mind SoundTrack

Film : A Beautiful Mind 
Composer : James Horner
Vocals : Charlotte Church

James Horner might have got inspirations from his earlier works dating back to the 90’s to compose the background score of ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Apart from Piano and cello, using vocal as an instrument like Celine Dion’s in Titanic, voice of Charlotte Church is perceived till the end of the album. Though, her stupendous soprano isn’t used efficiently in all tracks, it adorns ‘All Love can be’ that compromises to be the best. ‘Creating Governing dynamics’ is the only cheerful theme while all other tracks go with the poignant plot. Despite being branded as an influential background scorer, reuse of vintage works creates a dilemma amidst music fiends whether to listen or not.

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